Star Wars: The Old Republic

                         Charter and Standard Operating Procedure


Written by Shadowhawk on March 5, 2014 and approved by Vlaar on March 6, 2014


Welcome to Tactical Fleet Delta and more specifically Imperial/Republic TAC Delta. The rules and regulations in this policy are to be followed by all members of all ranks. Please read through and understand these following rules designed to protect you and all members of the community.


Tactical Fleet Delta (herein referred to as TFD) is a community based on the simple rules of having fun. We focus on making the community enjoyable and easy to interact with other 'gamers' of a similar play style and mindset. We are spread across many games to meet the needs of all of our members. Our strengths are in our ability to communicate through multiple media outlets and in-game to meet the demands of such a large organization.

Rules and regulations regarding membership

 I. Community Rules

A. All members are to be respectful at all times within the community
B. Community requirements are that all members are to be 18+ when they join TFD
C. All members need to be registered on Mumble

1. Mumble is a corner stone of our community, and method of our communication. If a new member wishes to join TFD they will have to join mumble to become a TFD member

a. A mic is not a requirement but a recommendation to all members since it will allow for easier interaction with all members
b. Language barriers are not really an issue; even if you cannot speak English clearly you are still welcome to our community

D. All members need to register on the website, when they register on the website the name must be descriptive enough so that it may be the same or similar to enough to the name on mumble
E. TFD Members within the TFD gaming community cannot hold more than one officer position
F. TFD Officers MUST consult their Game Leader to become a Officer in another game
G. TFD will require that are an active member of the community. There are 2 sets of activity, game and community activity

1. Community activity is very simple, you will need to log onto mumble and website at least once every 90 days. If any account becomes older than 90 days, without an LOA, then it will be removed. If you decide you wish to become a member of TFD again you need to follow the new membership protocols

a. If you decide to not rejoin the previous game, but join another, and want to continue to use mumble as a method of communication, this will be allowed, but the status will change to "guest" or "allied" depending on the situation

2. Game activity - Refer to game charter / SOP for activity a minimum of 30 days

II. Community Conduct

A. TFD is 18+ Community. We like to be calm and mature. We have an open door policy when it comes to approaching any leader within the community
B. Mumble topics must be respectful

1. Politics and religion in open or respectful (Root game =Lobbys=) are not permitted, if anyone is offended it must be taken to a private channel
2. When sensitive topics are taken to closed channels, all parties in the channel must agree to the topic. If a person, new to the discussion, joins the channel they must be warned of the topic of discussion. This gives that person the chance to participate or leave the channel. This conduct is to be respected with all of our allies, and friends. This code of conduct is for any type of TFD gaming communication. This includes current and future communication mediums. Violation of this policy will result in a review of the situation and potentially lead to disciplinary action for the member(s) involved

C. TFD will not at anytime allow any type of discriminatory or demeaning behavior. This type of violation will result in a review of the situation and potentially lead to the dismissal of the member(s) involved. Appeals of dismissal of this type and all others may be submitted via email or in-game media to the President of TFD and courtesy copy (CC): TFD Vice President (TFD VP), Dir of Security, or Community Director and Game Leaders. Members may also request a hearing.(These proceedings & procedures should be spelled out in the Community Security Charter / SOP)
D. If confronted by discriminatory comments/behavior TFD members are advised as follows:

1. If you are being harassed by any personnel within TFD, please contact your game officer & or game security or above as soon as possible to report it
2. If you are warned by any officer to stop any types of comments, the comments must be stopped immediately
3. Punitive actions are covered in the Community Security Charter

E. You are not to go in a new channel and start a conversation if the channel is clearly marked as a run, or group event. If you must join that channel you may do so and listen but you are not to interrupt the run. If you need to speak make sure it is at a point that will not interfere with the run or group event.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Ranks and Promotion

1. The Star Wars: The Old Republic (herein referred to as TOR) is always seeking talented individuals who are willing to donate their time to assist in helping in the administration of the fleet’s functions. As such in order to be considered for a game or community job, the individual must meet the community prerequisites for promotion (see section I above).

2. If the officer or leader cannot do the job they have undertaken they may be removed by their game leader at the leader’s discretion.

3. The game will have 1 Guild Leader = Emperor, 1 Assistant Game Leader = Grand Admiral, four departments (Security, Logistics, Diplomacy and Armed Services); each of which have their own Commanding Officer = Minister, and at least one of each of the following; Senior Departmental Officer = Senator, and Junior Departmental Officer = Councilor. The departments may increase in size depending on need for the department’s need. A commanding officer must consult with the main game leader personally to add extra officer slots.

Enforcing Tactical Fleet Delta Policy

The policies of TFD shall be enforced following the community and game chain of command.

1. If an issue occurs, breaking community and game rules bring it directly to the nearest security officer or command structure officer.

2. Game leadership/security will investigate the alleged infraction. Members, game leaders, and security officers are not to record conversations in mumble without the party’s consent.

3. If game leadership cannot make a decision upon the evidence and situation provided, only then will the situation be referred to community leadership for solution.

4. In order to remove a member, a quorum of game and or community leadership (depending on who is reviewing the infraction) must be present to vote, and a majority of game or community leadership must agree to remove the accused.

a. If a member is dismissed for reasons of inactivity, they will have the ability to rejoin the game community with approval from security, community, and game leadership together.

b. If the member is removed for other reasons, they must communicate with community and game leadership. They must have unanimous support from security, community, and game leadership.

5. The accused may be removed from a game and not the community at large.

6. The accused may also appeal the decision to game or community leadership regarding removal or banning from a game or the community. A quorum of game or community leaders must meet and vote to appeal the decision with a 2/3 majority required to win the appeal. The accused may also select an advocate to speak on their behalf in appeals.

*This policy may be changed for severe infractions of individuals deliberately disregarding the TFD code of conduct or rules for voice server.

** Game and community leadership reserves the right to change, add, or remove punishments for severe or repeated infractions of the TFD code of conduct or rules for voice server.

TOR Structure Explained

  1. Command
  2. Ministry of Armed Services
  3. Ministry of Logistics
  4. Ministry of Diplomatic Corp
  5. Ministry of Security



The Emperor will have full authoritative control and the final say in all game specific matters.

The Grand Admiral will advise the Emperor, take care of day-to-day dealings within the guild and become acting Emperor in his absence.


Ministry of Armed Services (MoAS) (revised March, 14, 2014)

The MoAS will be responsible for setting up Flashpoint and Operations runs, as well as organize events such as Datacron runs and World Boss hunts. The Minister of this department shall have a minimum of one maximum level character per faction and be well versed in the boss encounters of all Flashpoints and Operations and shall be proficient at explaining said encounters.


Ministry of Logistics (MoL)

The MoL will be responsible for all of the guild’s banking needs, such as keeping it stocked with crafting materials and taking care of the majority of the crafting itself for guild members.


Ministry of Diplomatic Corp (MoDC)

The MoDC will be responsible for any and all alliances we have with other guilds in game and helping to get them set up in Mumble.


Ministry of Security (MoS)

The MoS will be responsible for enforcing the policies of both the guild and community itself within our own little space on Mumble and on the website. They will also be the primary recruiting force in-game and with that take care of getting new recruits set up in Mumble and on the website.